Getting in shape in time for Summer

A few tips to get you spring-ready in no time.







Emma Blake

Getting in shape in time for Summer

A few tips to get you spring-ready in no time.

Shedding that Winter coat can be daunting.

Many of us are time poor and wonder how we are going to find time to exercise. But you don’t need to spend hours in the gym and you don’t even have to have a gym membership to get in shape. You just need determination and motivation. Here are a few tips to get you spring-ready in no time.

Sign up for a fun run or swim

Committing to a fun run or racing event will give you a deadline to reach your goal. You can chose to walk or run and if you can get a team or a partner to train with, you can help motivate each other to reach your personal best. It’s also a great way to raise money for a charitable cause. Some fun runs coming up are: The Coastal Classic (September 2), Sri Chinmoy Sydney Race (September 10), and The Sunrun Cole Classic (Feb 3-4 2018).

Prefer a Netflix binge, that’s OK

Stuck on a Netflix binge and just can’t part ways to exercise? No worries. Why not include exercise in your TV viewing? Instead of sitting on the couch eating popcorn do squats, sit-ups, push-ups and lunges. All can be achieved in your living room.

Ditch the car

With the warmer weather approaching it is desirable to walk instead of sit in the car with the heater on. If you live near a shopping strip, try walking to pick up the milk, or ride bikes to the beach instead of driving. If you take public transport to work, try walking a bit further to the next stop.

Involve the family

Include the kids and have a friendly competition. Sprint together or see who can do the most jumping jacks. Again, no gym required. You can do this in your backyard, on the beach or even at a local park.

Moderation is the key

The famous Irish playwright Oscar Wilde once said “everything in moderation, including moderation”. Enjoy life more by living a happy and active lifestyle. By having a balanced diet and doing physical activities, you are allowed to splurge on your favourite ice cream from time to time.

Farewell winter coat and happy training!